Treasuremapper allows you to trigger mediafiles on a mobile phone depending on where that phone is in real space. This allows you to create spatial media experiences, often refered to as 'locative' media.

For example, you could create a detective story that requires someone to walk around town to discover clues. Taking a right turn instead of a left could have dire consequences in the story. You could create a romantic walk for valentines day in which you literally walk down memory lane. Treasuremapper was built to allow you to explore these locative possibilities.

The goal of Treasuremapper is to allow a broader group of people to create locative media experiences. Treasuremapper makes it easy to design experiences, and the software itself is open source.

What do I need?

There are two flavours of Treasuremapper: one for older Nokia phones, and one for hip new phones (such as the iPhone or android phones) that support the new HTML5 standard.

If you want the latest HTML5 flavour, you only need a webserver on which you can place the files. Users with iPhones or similar modern phones just have to visit your website to experience your creation. It doesn't get much easier. You can play with an example by going to on a modern smartphone.

If you want the Nokia flavour, If your phone is in this list you're almost certainly good to go. Currently Treasuremapper for Nokia needs an external GPS device that can connect to your phone via bluetooth. 

A secondhand Nokia N73 can be bought second hand for about 50 euros/dollars and a bluetooth GPS receiver can be bought for about 25 euros/dollars.


How do I use this?

Using Treasuremapper is a three step proces:

  • Create a Treasuremap: To create a locative experience, you'll have to design a map of that experience. Treasuremapper makes this easy: just draw shapes on a map.
  • Install: For the Nokia version:install the Treasuremapper app and place your map on the phone. For the HTML5 flavour you only have to upload Treasuremapper and your map onto a webserver. 
  • Using: explore the created treasuremap and have fun.


What's so nice about Treasuremapper?

It's so nice because:

  • It's all open source, meaning you can change it to fit your needs, or you can find a nerd to do it for you without too much hassle. It also means it's free!
  • If you use the Nokia version, you don't need mobile internet. You create a self-contained experience on your phone.
  • If you use the HTML5 version your users don't need to install any apps. For them, using Treasuremapper is as easy as opening a website.
  • This website explains how to set it up.


What are the plans for the future?

  • Creating a more integrated online authoring environment would be helpful.
  • often hosts workshops on locative media and storytelling. We want to do more of these.